1951 Allard J2 < F.I.A. Papers> Vintage La Mans & Miglia 100 Eligible

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The earliest history of the car can be traced to the Mountain House Hill Climb held in Keene, New York on May 3d, 1952. Fred Nemith, a sports car dealer from Troy, New York ran the car to the fastest time of the day. (see the first 3 8 x 10 colored pictures in the book, taken at that event.) 

Little is known about Fred’s time after he purchased the car. He posted an ad forsake of the car in the November 9th, 1952 New York Times classifieds. Roger Chambers, of Buffalo, New York purchased the car sometime in late 1952-early 1953. He was a member of the Red Jacket Motor Club (Buffalo NY) and worked at Maxon Cadillac in Buffalo. At the time, he had just competed in the US World Figure Skating Championship and purchased the car with his winnings from that event. He raced the car at the 1953 Giants Despair (in July) and later (in September) at the Air & Sports Car Show speed trials held at the Niagara Fall Airport.
Beyond that event, Roger consigned the car to Ahr & Company- Sports Cars of Buffalo, New York. This was the local hot spot for sports cars in Buffalo. While it was there, it caught the attention of a Case University Graduate student, William Daniels. 

He purchased the car sometime in late 1953 and took it to Cleveland where he was doing his Graduate work. It was never driven at this point from all records. He subsequently completely disassembled the car so he could design an aluminum chassis for it. The car was stored outside, next to an adjacent building. It sat there for a couple of years until one morning it was gone. It seems the University had been telling William to move the car (which he ignored) and had finally moved it to a scrap yard. 

William retrieved the car and decided to sell it. Tom Unckrich, of Gallion, Ohio, was an engineering student at Case ( also a" hot rodder") and he purchased the car sometime in 1958. It was still disassembled at the time. He assembled it with an Olds engine for a while before converting it to a Buick Nailhead. He also installed a Warner 4-speed and converted to knock-off style wheels that he purchased from Allard. Another custom feature that was added is the chrome side pipes. 

Sometime during the summer of 1960, he decided to sell the car and placed an ad in the New York Times. Orland Thornsjo, of Minneapolis, was looking for a car to race at local club events. After seeing the ad in the Times he contacted Tom and purchased the car in late 1960. He raced the car at club events from 1961-64. Wanting to move on the car was sold again in 1965. 

Wilbur Sanders. a new owner was a designer at Ford and a car collector of sorts. He had an Allard J2X (Rob Lytle's) and was looking for another one. Orland, apparently having some reservations about the treatment of the car, drafted a buyback agreement that stipulated in effect that "Should Sanders sell the car or pass away, Orland would have first right to buy the car back for the selling price originally paid for it.”  Wilbur agreed and signed. Orland put the document in a safe deposit box. As imagined, years later, Orland ended up again with the car after some legal wrangling to enforce the original signed agreement.

Today, having undergone a comprehensive “body-off” restoration that included the frame interior. This 1951 Allard J2 race car, finished in an elegant midnight blue paint is ready to race again. This fast and stunning vehicle comes with current FIA certification and a rich racing heritage from participating actively in local race events during the 1950s. With its original Cadillac engine intact, this Allard J2 is the definition of authenticity.

 Immerse yourself in the allure of this midnight blue beauty, capturing the essence of the golden age of racing.


VIN/Chassis #: 99J1739 LHD

Mileage: TMU

Transmission: 4 - Speed Manual

Price:  $210,000.00 USD


1951 Allard J2 < F.I.A. Papers> Vintage La Mans & Miglia 100 Eligible

1951 Allard J2 < F.I.A. Papers> Vintage La Mans & Miglia 100 Eligible

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