1997 Shelby America Cobra 427 - CSX4109 Continuation

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Carrol Shelby's genius of wedging a large displacement V8 into one of the lightest chassis of the 1960's, started with the 260-cid Ford.  In a classic bold move, Shelby raised the steaks again with the addition of a 289-cid power plant.  His initial idea reached its apex in 1965.  Against all odds, he managed to

squeeze a massive big block under the hood of an AC Cobra chassis.

The result was the legendary 427 Cobra. Regrettably, only 55 cars were originally produced, bringing a demand that could not be "officially" filled.  this in turn opened a market of opportunity for replica companies. While many of them came from large reputable manufacturers these "secondary market" cars looked the part, and some performed similarly, there was nothing quite like the original Shelby build.

As the market grew for Cobra Replicas, many fell short of the original 427, as a result, Shelby began production of the CSX4000 series in 1997 under the flag of Shelby America. These cars, based on the 1965 Shelby Cobra 427, were outfitted with modern features. A stronger frame, high-quality alloys, vastly
improved cooling systems, and substantially better heat shielding.

This series of Shelbies offered additional build options by way of aluminum or fiberglass bodies. A buyer could also specify their choice of suspensions, such as springs, shock absorbers as well as braking systems.

giving the continuation cars a greater choice of final specifications.

This rare example we are offering is just 1 of 4 in the 4000 series purchased by H.R.E Bill under Bill Andrews for special modification under the direction of “Wild” Bill Elliot and brother Dan, who had attained Legend status with Ford throughout the 1990s in NASCAR. 

The goal was to take just these 4 cars and make them into something that had never been done.  Setting them completely apart from those that came before and after.

The four cars for this project were specifically and personally approved by Carroll Shelby. The mandate, was to have the Elliot family exclusively build Winston Cup Motors from NASCAR 358 cu. in. inTo a modern 427 cu. in. Bored and stroked, balanced and blueprinted with port matching. With a matching VIN and motor numbers, something no other than these four cars have. 

At the time of the build, this custom motor was one of the most powerful of naturally aspirated engines.  Dynoed at 700 HP with 600 Ft. Lbs. of torque.

This unique project car is a window into a bygone era.  A time of giant names and accomplishments without pier or duplication. Existing only in a very brief moment in time. A synergy and convergence that will never come again. 


 VIN #: Chassis # CSX 4109

Mileage: 3,000 miles

Transmission: Manual

 Drive: RWD

Price:  $300,000.00


1997 Shelby America Cobra 427 - CSX4109 Continuation

1997 Shelby America Cobra 427 - CSX4109 Continuation

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