1967 Ferrari 330 GT Series ii 2+2

VIN #: N/A

Mileage: 78,400

Transmission: 5-Speed Manual

Drivetrain: RWD

Price: $280,000

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REDLINE brings for your buying pleasure..... F E R R A R I !!!!and not just any Ferrari, but a RED Ferrari.  

But not JUST a RED Ferrari.  This Ferrari has something ALL  cars and their owners want……A huge, howling-for-more,12-cylinder, multi-carboratrated, thrust rocket, designed, engineered, and brought to you via 1967

by Ferarri   S.p.A. !!!

Really, could anything be more hip than a midcentury Ferrari?  ….mmmmmmm, No I'm thinking not.

The 330 Series 2 - 2+2. If you unfamiliar, THIS Ferrari is the 330 designed with an understated and sublimely, well-heeled elegance by Pininfarina, with 2 headlights.  NOT the other one everyone tries to convince themselves is just as Europeanly demure.( Insert history of all Ferraris until 1967 and the 330 series 2 here:).    

This Ferrari has seen long-term and very knowledgeable ownership for decades.  Driven and serviced.  It has just undergone an extensive and comprehensive.

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