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Beyond enhancing the aesthetic and functional aspects of your vehicle, Redline Restorations goes the extra mile to ensure its safety and preservation within our state-of-the-art facility. Our climate-controlled space, bonded and insured, is equipped with fire suppression and an extensive security system for your peace of mind.

We offer customizable services, ranging from complimentary trickle-charging to meticulous detailing, ensuring your vehicle remains in optimal condition. To prevent tire dead spots and maintain adequate air levels, we prioritize every aspect of your vehicle's care. With the convenience of "arrive and drive" availability with just 24 hours' notice, we facilitate seamless experiences.

Strategically located minutes away from Interstate 95, Route 15, Metro-North Railroad, Amtrak, and the Bridgeport Ferry, our facility is easily accessible. Additionally, we provide pick-up and drop-off courtesy services, catering to your convenience upon request.

Customers may purchase vehicle storage plans directly through our website by clicking this link:

Purchase Vehicle Storage Plan

Please Note: We require at least 24 hours notice for vehicle pick-ups. Customers wanting to pick up vehicles with no notice will be charged a $50 rush fee for vehicle pick-up.

***We also offer financing to all of our services and vehicles. It is important to note that each service we offer may have distinct qualifying factors, payment options, and approval rates. We take pride in tailoring our financing solutions to meet the specific needs of our valued customers, ensuring that they can experience the excellence of our automotive creations and services without compromise. You can read more about our financing details here:

Redline Restorations Financing

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