paint & autobody

Paint is our proverbial calling card.

We are widely-recognized and even awarded for our immaculate finish work. In this field, there is no truer saying than ‘victory loves preparation’. The end result is entirely dependent on the meticulous attention to detail before setting foot in the spray booth. We use the finest materials from the world’s best providers. Whether you want an exact factory match or a custom blend, we have you covered to the highest show finishing standards.
Our state of the art paint system utilizes the RapidMatch X-5 Spectrophotometer for precise color matching, this system allows us to identify the right color formula quickly and efficiently. Once the vehicle is ready to be painted, it is brought into our massive Accudraft Downdraft Paint Booth where PPG Paints are applied carefully. The result is an unparalleled paint finish for your vehicle.​

$175.00 Body / Paint - Hourly rate 

If you would like to inquire about having your vehicle painted, please fill out this form and a representative will contact you.

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