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As a collective of devoted classic car enthusiasts, we share an unwavering passion for the restoration of some of the world's most historically significant, rare, and exquisite vehicles. Whether the goal is achieving driver's quality excellence, investment-grade perfection, or securing world record prices at the most esteemed auctions, our team is committed to the pursuit of automotive excellence.

Our unparalleled craftsmanship is evident in both our world-class restorations and the numerous accolades we've garnered from prestigious Concours events nationwide. From vehicles designed for daily-driven duty to those destined for Concours victory, we possess the expertise to uphold the pristine condition of your paint, ensuring it retains its absolute best appearance.

Below is a list of Detailing services we offer for your vehicle:


  • Hand wash with cleaning protective foaming agent
  • Towel and compressed air drying
  • Rotary machine waxing of paint finishes
  • Cleaning, detailing, & dressing of all exterior glass, mirrors, chrome, brilliant & matte accent pieces
  • Preparatory cleaning and topical dressing of engine & bay
  • Brushing cleaning of wheel faces and spokes
  • "Wet" dressing applied to all wheels & tires
  • Pre-wax rotary buffing of paint finishes using 3M #2 Glaze compound removing clear coat swirling & mild surface scratches
  • Sonix chemical & soft brush cleaning of wheels
  • Fine polish application of Billet - Hand polishing of all wheels and chrome accents
  • Wet sanding correction of paint blemishes
  • Cut compound leveling for paint finish
  • Chemical restoration of all rubbers & flanges
  • Machine polishing all chrome accents
  • "Wheels off" cleaning & polishing of wheels, brake calipers, lugs, and covers
  • Clay bar & lubricant removal of all surface imperfections


  • Complete vacuum of all carpeted surfaces & upholstery, storage compartments & headliner
  • Hand clean & wipe down using appropriate cleaning, dressing & restorative agents of all upholstery & accessories
  • Spot cleaning on carpeting
  • Micro air cleaning, detailing, & dressing of all cockpit interactive surfaces (i.e. dials, buttons, levers, gauges, screen surfaces, chrome, brilliant or matte finished trims
  • Cleaning and detailing of all interior floor rubber or carpet matting
  • Machine brush cleaning of leather or cloth
  • Full hypoallergenic cleaning & extraction of carpet surfaces
  • Hot air drying for carpet surfaces
  • Micro-pad machine & solvent cleaning of all textured pillar trims
  • Full cleaning of spare tire bay
  • Complete machine refinishing of cockpit accent trims
  • Machine polishing for all chrome accent pieces
  • Full headliner and trim fabrics cleaning
  • Restoration of scratched & faded trims

paint correction

Restore & rejuvenate your paint with paint correction. Redline offers multiple paint correction packages depending on the severity of paint defects. 

Base Package:

  • Foam cannon pre-soak and rinse
  • Hand wash using proper and modern techniques to prevent swirls and marring of paint finish
  • Iron & fallout decontamination
  • All bonded contaminants removed from paint & glass with clay bar & mitt
  • Dried by forced air & plush premium microfibers
  • Door jams cleaned
  • Wheel faces cleaned to remove the build-up of brake dust and dirt 
  • Tires dressed with nongreasy, no sling product
  • Paint sealant applied for enhanced gloss and six-month protection (excludes All-In-One Polish System).

Package 1:

  • Includes Base package
  • Utilizes All-In-One Polish System which removes light swirl marks 
  • Eliminates 20-30% of defects

Package 2: 

  • Includes Base package
  • True 1-step, light swirl mark removal
  • Gloss enhancement
  • Sealant applied for 6 months guaranteed protection
  • Eliminates 30-50% of defects

​​Package 3:

  • Includes base package
  • 2-step paint correction
  • Deep defect removal with high abrasive leveling compound
  • Fine finishing polish
  • Sealant applied for 6 months guaranteed protection
  • Eliminates 70-85% of defects

​​Package 4:

  • Includes base package
  • Multi-step paint correction
  • Perfect for those who demand the best paint & have a critical eye for perfection
  • Eliminates 85-95% of defects 

***We also offer financing to all of our services and vehicles. It is important to note that each service we offer may have distinct qualifying factors, payment options, and approval rates. We take pride in tailoring our financing solutions to meet the specific needs of our valued customers, ensuring that they can experience the excellence of our automotive creations and services without compromise. You can read more about our financing details here:

Redline Restorations Financing

​If you would like to inquire about detailing or paint correction for your vehicle, please fill out this form and a representative will contact you.

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