1976 Toyota Celica Project

VIN #: N/A

Mileage: N/A

Transmission: 5-Speed Manual

Drivetrain: RWD

Price: $41,000

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Do you have a propensity for mechanical thngs? Can you just "see" how things go together? Do you like to go fast? Shift gears? Smoke littles wannabe civics off the light?

Then this my friend is the car for you.

Redline brings a project 2/3rds complete that we have no time for.

Here’s the list:

Eton differential. Custom shortened rear end. Will take a 10” wheel with NO CUTTING.Frame attached, fully welded 9 second roll cage.Custom tubing and intake manifold.Custom radiator.Custom intercooler tubing.Front end mount intercooler.Full BEAM engine swap.BEAM 6 speed manual transmission.Original “banana” tail lights.Smiley all steel, paint to match front and rear bumper.LINK ECU.Wantanabe wheels (Genuine from Japan).Completely straight panel work.“0” Rust.  Car originated in Nevada.2 piece Wildwood brakes all wheels.Custom all STEEL fender flairs included with the car.TECHNO-TOY tuning coil overs.Hoosier Slicks all for wheels.Second set of “street” tires included.Race fuel cell installed.

This car when finished will make and estimated 450 - 480 HP.Needs fuel system completion. 

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