The Lounge

Relax, connect, or play at Redline Restorations Member's Only Lounge

Looking to cool down and relax or connect? Redline Restorations Member's Only Lounge is the perfect location that provides members with exclusive benefits and access to our newly renovated Lounge space. Members can enjoy premium beverages, snacks & fresh baked goods* from local businesses, while relaxing or meeting in an authentic, vintage automobile themed space. Redline Restorations hosts events throughout the calendar month specifically for Members, such as do-it-yourself seminars and Cars & Coffee meets. We even have a car cruise once a month! 

​The Lounge Membership fee is $150 a month per member. Upon successful registration, Members will receive the following access & benefits:

  • Member's Welcome Package - A hat, t-shirt and a pair of sunglasses exclusively designed for Members
  • Access to the Lounge & its contents (Bar, Meeting Areas)
  • Access to Conference Room & VIP Room located upstairs
  • Complimentary food (Popcorn, snacks & baked goods) and premium beverages (water, soda, espresso machine)
  • Q&A sessions with lead technicians
  • Monthly raffles with varying prizes such as a car detail, automotive events or one on one sessions
  • Weekly social media spotlight & appreciation posts (with authorized permission)
  • 20% off venue rentals after being a Member for at least six months
  • Exclusive events such as Cars & Coffee, DIY seminars, and Ride Out Cruise
  • Live motorsport's event broadcasts & new movie showings

Redline Restorations is offering a special introductory Membership price to the first 100 members of The Lounge! Please contact us for more information.

Our unique Lounge area offers multiple areas for Members to meet, or to simply sit down and relax at

Special events are hosted at the Lounge regularly for Members

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